Work Experience : I started my JIU-JITSU training in 1998 with grand master Crezio Chaves in Petrópolis . In 2002 I went to Rio de Janeiro to train in the Brazilian Top Team Academy from Master Murilo Bustamante, where I began to train MMA and MUAI –THAY. In 2008, I was brown belt and I […]

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E-1 integrates Muay Thai, MMA and bodybuilding. It focuses on the art of sweat and persistence. These sports have been regarded as the culture of the mind and the choose of the trend, which are sought by artists, celebrities and office workers. Through a series of battles, E-1 will further propagate the Martial Arts Philosophy and the concept of bodybuilding. Moreover, through bodybuilding and MMA, E-1 is going to encourage people to take part in sports, as a result cultivating an all-‑round healthy lifestyle. In addition, E-1 can enhance community spirit, build up adaptability and strengthen the social atmosphere. E-1, which is remarkable and having a strong lineup, is an international sports event. It has a stylish and healthy image and full of passion and positive energy. It is sure that E-1 will bring a new sportsʼ climate and tide.